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Sustaining Donors


CARECEN Sustaining Donors ensure CARECEN can continue strengthening  our communities by providing quality low-cost legal services and advocating for better immigration, education and labor policies. Your monthly sustaining donation allows us a reliable financial foundation that lets us better plan our education programs, community activism, day labor organizing and legal services.

CARECEN Sustaining Donor Benefits:

  • The option of an exclusive thank-you gift
  • An annual tax acknowledgement letter documenting cumulative gifts for the calendar year
  • Special invitations to donor events and gatherings

CARECEN Yearly Sustaining Donor Levels:

  • Madrina/Padrino 
    $125 a month or above 
  • Compadre/Comadre 
    $40 a month
  • Compañera/Compañero 
    $20 a month
  • Amiga/Amigo 
    $10 a month

As a Sustaining Donor, you can create a giving plan in which your donation is deducted monthly from your checking account. Through your personal CARECEN sustaining donor account, you are always in control of your sustainer giving plan. If you need to, you can pause or stop it at any time, for any reason. You can reactivate it at any time when you are ready to resume your giving. You can also increase your monthly giving amount at any time, or you can arrange for a special, separate, one-time donation on the Donate page without changing your giving plan.